Each page now has a pay pal button on it to make this much easier! However if you don’t have pay pal feel free to email me. Come to think of it I’d rather you emailed anyway as I like to get to know other collectors!

On this page you will find links to any cds I have for sale on this web site.

These are all remastered from my own collection of 78rpm gramophone records and cylinders and have been remastered by myself using clickrepair and diamond cut dc8, which is some of the best restoration software around, with my home made presets and settings.

In some cases the discs themselves are extremely warn, and in those cases, rather than leave them out due to their condition, I have chosen to just do my very best with them. If a track is particularly warn in my opinion I will say, but I am more tollerant than most so expect some background noise!

All cds, at the time of writing, come in a plain cd wallet with a printed track list (no cover art) and are priced at 5 pounds uk money, £9 anywhere else with free worldwide postage.

Please see the following links for cd track lists, and to place an order email or contact me!

1914: songs not about the war! track list&information

dancing time vol. 1, dance bands and novelty foxtrots, recorded 1920 to 1922

Dancing time vol. 2: dance bands and novelty foxtrots, 1922-1923

ritish 2 minute cylinders, vol. 1, 1913-1911, mostly comedy/music hall stuff.

Harry Bidgood on broadcast 12 records, 1929-1930