Dancing time vol. 1: dance bands and novelty foxtrots, 1920-1922

This is a compilation I made of some of my favorite early dance band recordings. A mixture of british and American bands from my collection, all remastered by myself for this cd.

Here is a youtube advert with a clip of each track

Track list:

all star trio - old man jazz (hmv b1177)(1920)

art hickman orch - any time, anyday, anywhere (columbia3019) (1920)

arthur lange orch - you gave me your heart (cameo265) (1922)

ben selvin's novelty orch -dance-o-mania (hmv b1177) (1920)

benson orch of chicago - I'd love to fall asleep and wake up in my mammy's arms (hmv b1179)(1920)

Columbians-Dance Orchestra De Luxe - she loves me, she loves me not (columbia3206) (1922)

Excelsior Marimba Band - twelfth street rag (columbia3042) (1922)

guardsman dance orch - kalua (guardsman1269) (approx 1921)

hackel-berge orch - yoo hoo (victor18802) (1920)

happy six - now and then (columbia3019) (1920)

Hurlingham club orch - Dancing time (winner3793) (1922)

Hurlingham club orch - I ain't nobody's darling (winner3793)(1922)

jack hylton orch - mooning (hmv b1275) (1921)

joseph c smith's orch - why dear (hmv b1310) (1921)

knickerbocker orch - Blue Danube Blues (columbia3217) (1921)

paul whiteman orch - they call it dancing (hmv b1342) (1922)

queen's dance orch (jack hylton) - a trombone cocktail (hmv b1276) (1921)

ray miller orch - two little wooden shoes (columbia3217)(1921)

regal novelty orch - mon homme (regal g7647) (1922)

Southern Rag-A-Jazz band - Coal black mammy (winner3625) (7048) (1921).wav

Southern Rag-A-Jazz band - Crooning (winner3625) (7049) (1921).wav

ted lewis and his band - hot lips (columbia3206) (1922)

virginians - I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate (hmv b1459) (1922)

zez confry orch - are you playing fair (hmv b1459) (1922)


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