Here is a selection of british 2 minute cylinders, mostly comic and music hall songs. All recorded electrically with an electric reproducer.

Please remember that as a rule, cylinders have not survived as well as discs of the period, and some of these recordings are in less than ideal sound quality! I'd say for collectors only here, but I'm sure most of these could be enjoyed by everyone.

Famous music hall performers like Billy Williams, Florrie Forde and even now lesser known ones like Alf Gibbson, combined with popular recording artists of the time like Stanley Kirkby, Harry Fay and Jack charman, to make what is probbably my favorite of my own releases.

More cds of cylinders will become available!

£5 in the uk, £9 anywhere else with free postage worldwide, pay pal link at the botom of the page. If you want to buy more than one of my cds, email me and let me know!

Track list:

Albert Pearce - Sammy (edison bell cylinder6258)

Alf Gibbson - I've got to get back to work (sterling cylinder341) (1905)

Alf Willis - Let's have a basin of soup (clarion cylinder468) (1911) (sticks once)

Arthur Osmond - Little brown jug (edison cylinder13862) (1909)

ARTHUR OSMOND - Prisoner at the bar (edison cylinder14004)

Ben Albert - A chapter of incidents (edison cylinder13962) (1910)

Billy Williams - Parody on walking home with Angeline (edison cylinder13729) (1908)

Billy Williams - Poor old England (edison13619)(1907)

Billy Williams - Tickle me Timothy (edison cylinder13696)(1908)

Charles Harrington - Yip! I addy I aye (edison bell cylinder20259) (1910)L

ernest Chester - Take me down to blackpool (clarion cylinder66) (1907)

Florrie Forde - All aboard for Margate (sterling cylinder132) (1905) (rough sound)

Florrie Forde - for forty years (edison bell cylinder6079)(1903)

Harry Bluff - Husbands (edison bell cylinder6666) (1906)

Harry Bluff - Riding on top of the car (edison bell cylinder6644) (1905

Harry Bluff - the sadness of her sadness (edison bell cylinder6742) (1905)

Harry Fay as Charles Denton - Save a little one for me (clarion345) (1909) (rough sound)

Harry Fay as Fred Murry - I'll meet you one dark night (edison bell cylinder)

Harry Fay as Fred Vernon - Choose her in the morning (edison bell cylinder20127)(1908)

Harry Fay as Fred Vernon - My pretty little mountain maid (sterling cylinder664) (1906)

Hilda Jacobson - in the language of your eyes (edison cylinder13892) (1909)

Jack Charman - Mamie May (edison cylinder14009)

Jack Charman - the chocolate major (edison cylinder14118)

Peter Dawson as Hector Grant - John go and put your trousers on (edison bell cylinder10112)(1906)

R Lloyd Morgan - Isn't that like a man (edison cylinder13175) (1904)

Stanley Kirkby - I'll go half way home with you (edison cylinder14093) (1911

W H Berry - the penny whistler (columbia cylinder200454)

Will Evans - Down at the garden gate (edison bell cylinder10007)(1906)

Will Evans - Rates and taxes (edison bell cylinder20011)(1908)

Will Terry - It's a different girl again (sterling cylinder452) (1906)

Will Terry - the old tin can (Sam Mayo) (sterling cylinder250) (1905

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