1914: songs not about the war!

This is a compilation of british recordings made in that year that had nothing to do with the then new great war. Those patriotic songs have been deservedly reissued a lot of times, and I may do one in the future, but I thought it would be interesting to reflect upon what was really being heard in the trenches that year.

Fred Douglas, Stanley Kirkby, Harry Long, Ernest pike who sings here as Herbert Payne and Jack Charman were all popular recording artists of the time. There will definitely be cds of Pike and Kirkby in the future, possibly both Charman and Douglas also, and the recordings that represent the latter here are among his very first made..

Frank Leo and G H Elliott were both very popular music hall artists of the time, though while Elliott recorded proliphicly Leo did not, and unfortunately is better remembered now for a marital scandal than for the many songs he wrote. A cd of his recordings is out on windyridge, but this is the only disc of his I have ever personally found.

Hubert Eisdell, Stewart Gardner and Sydney Coltham were all popular classical singers of their day, Eisdell and Coltham will definitely have cds out here eventually.

Track listing.

frank leo - we are going to have a nice afternoon (cinch5218) (1914)-

frank leo - you aught to see the way we're coming along (cinch5218) (1914)-

fred douglas - i do kind of feel I'm in love (cinch5279) (1914)-

fred douglas - I want you all the while (cinch5220) (1914)-

fred douglas - I'll change the shadows to sunshine (cinch5279 (1914)-

fred douglas - in your quaint frills and laces (cinch5293) (1914)-

fred douglas - the sunshine of your smile (cinch5052) (1914)-

fred douglas - where did you get that girl (cinch5221) (1914)-

g h elliott - I want you, lu lu (zonophone1445)(1914)-

g h elliott - mamie mine (zonophone1445)(1914)-

harry long - toodling home (phoenix072) (1914)-

harry long - who are you with tonight (phoenix072) (1914)-

Ernest Pike as herbert payne - in japanese butterfly land (zonophone1347) (1914)-

Ernest Pike as herbert payne - when irish eyes are smiling (zonophone1347) (1914)-

hubert eisdell - I don't suppose (hmv4-2442) (1914)-

Jack Charman - When uncle Joe plays a rag on his old banjo (winner2587) (1914)-

Jack Charman as Jack Starr And Olly Oakley - Banjo time in coontown (regal g6703) (1914)-

Jack Charman as Jack Starr and Olly Oakley - Those old Kentucky bells (regal g6703) (1914)-

Kate Willey and Jack Charman - Love me while the loving is good (winner2587)(1914)-

stanley kirkby - hello, hello, who's your lady friend (regal g6801) (1914)-

stanley kirkby - Jerry Jeremiah (regal g6677)-

stanley kirkby - nursary rhymes in ragtime (regal g6677)-

stewart gardner - an old garden (hmv d222) (1914)-

stewart gardner - the devout lover (hmv d222) (1914)-

sydney coltham - I know of two bright eyes (zonophone1264) (1914).wav

sydney coltham - I know of two bright eyes (zonophone1264) (1914)-

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