Dancing time, vol. 2: dance bands and novelty foxtrots, 1922-1923.

Here is the second volume of early 1920s dance band recordings, both british and american, all from my own 78 collection and all remastered by me. To order your copy for £5 in the uk and £9 anywhere else with free postage,

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track listing:

all star trio - leave me with a smile (hmv b1334) (1922)

Bailey's lucky seven as pavillion players - Linger a while (edison bell winner3977) (1923).wav

BENNIE KRUEGER's orchestra - I wonder who's dancing with her tonight (brunswick cliftophone2576) (1923).wav

BENNIE KRUEGER'S ORCHESTRA - Why did I kiss that girl (brunswick Cliftophone2576) (1923).wav

benson orch of chicago - toot toot toosie goodbye (hmv b1456) (1922)

brooke john's orch - nobody but you (victor19163) (1923)

club royal orch - sweet indiana home (hmv b1652) (1923)

great white way orch - runnin wild (hmv b1653) (1923)

jack hylton orch - someone (george gershwin) (hmv b1680) (1923)

Marius Winter's dance orch - Chansonette (zonophone2397) (1923).wav

Marius Winter's dance orch - I love me (zonophone2397)(1923).wav

original capitol orch - there's a bungalo that's waiting (zonophone2437) (1923)

original capitol orch - when it's night time in italy (zonophone2437) (1923)

paul whiteman orch - fate (hmv b1637) (1923)

Porter's blue devils as Pavillion players - Somebody's wrong (edison bell winner3977)(1923).wav

queens dance orch (jack hylton) - shufflin along (hmv b1403) (1922)

radio dance orch - caravan (columbia3173) (1923)

radio dance orch - honey love (columbia3161)(1923)

radio dance orch - limehouse blues (columbia3161) (1923)

savoy havana band - sweetheart (columbia3295) (1923)

savoy havana band - violeterra (columbia3295)(1923)

savoy havana band - why robinson cruso got the blues (columbia3358) (1923)

savoy orpheans as albany dance orch - Arabianna (hmv b1763) (1923)

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