Here are some assorted 1920s and early 1930s records that I've put on youtube over time, I hope you enjoy them!

click riviera dance band - my kinda love (edison bell winner4923)


click to hear savoy orpheans - moonlight waters (hmv b5369) (1927)

click for marius b winter's dance orch - my future just passed (broadcast twelve2594) hot and great!



click to hear Ray Starita And His Ambassadors Band - wake up, chillun, wake up (columbia5380) (1929)



click to hear Ambrose orchestra play the continental.

click to hear the regent dance orchestra play "no foolin" on Edison Bell.

click to hear Jack Hylton play Like a Virginia Creeper.

click for jay whidden orch - in old vienna (imperial1934)

click Lew Stone and his band - Canadian capers (decca f3839)(1934)

click debroy somers band - fairy on the clock (columbia 5634)

click to hear a favorite of mine, "could I? I certainly could" by the Savoy Orpheans from 1926.

click for a great hot record! Blue Pacific Dance Band - Choo choo (piccadilly716)(1931)

click Hot! Arthur Rosebery And His Kit-Kat Dance Band - Sitting on the cold wet grass (parlophone r593)

click savoy havana band - my fair lady (hmv b2065) (1925)

click savoy orpheans - at the end of the road (hmv b2036) (1925)

click to hear a cracked but restored copy of Sugar by Sam Lanin on Imperial, I was quite proud of this one!

click ambrose orch - meet the sun half-way (decca f7569) (1940)

click for some great jazz, the Charleston Chacers directed by Red Nichols - Imagination (columbia4877)(1927)

click imperial dance orch - good night i'll see you in the morning 1926

click to hear the great Ted Lewis band in 1926 playing "pretty little baby" on columbia.

click Piccadilly dance band - Starlight and tulips (piccadilly161)

click Paul Ash orch as Denza dance band - Let's talk about my sweety (columbia4048) (1926) a great one!

click ed lloyd orch (sam lanin?) hei-ho, everybody, heigh-ho Spelled it wrong on the video I'm sure!

click denza dance band (harry reser?- i don't believe it but say it again 1927)

click the Charleston Chacers directed by Red Nichols - Feelin no pain (columbia4797) (1927)

click Sam Lanin orch - the Toymaker's dream (imperial2128) (1929)

click Ted Lewis and his band - the world is waiting for the sunrise (columbia cb136) (1930)

click for quite an unusual example of an announcement at the end of a dance band record!

click Deauville dance orchestra - the doll's house (dominion a213)

click a pretty warn copy of Rayner's dance orch - Do do do (pathe perfect307) that I restored.

Jack Jackson's orchestra play Red Sails in the sunset on a nice 1935 hmv

Zez Confry's orch play "When all your castles come tumbling down" a nice early 20s sound!

Marius B Winter's dance orch play "The King's horses" on broadcast twelve

the California ramblers play California, here I come, classic american dance band record.

"Bright Eyes" played by Paul Whiteman in 1921

I'm going south, played by Paul Specht in 1924

"Smiling Irish eyes" played by the piccadilly players, 1929

Max Darewski's dance band play "I love the moon"

Cutie played by Jack Hylton's orchestra, a great record!

Red Hot Mamma played by the Carolina club orch on columbia, great!

Then I'll be happy played by the corona dance orchestra, which I think was the California ramblers.

Sweet and lovely, played by Roy Fox with Al Bowlly, 1933

"Adeline" played by the Cabaret four on piccadilly, 1930

The following recording is available remastered on Dancing time vol. 1, why not get a copy?

Yoo hoo, played by the Hackel-Berge orchestra

the Bohemian band (Billy Cotton) play "that's my weakness now", 1929

Ain't that the way it goes? played by Jack Payne, 1931

The following is available, in better quality, on dancing time vol. 2, which you can buy here

"I love me" played by Marius Winter's dance orch, 1923

"Just keep on dancing", played by Jack Hylton in 1921, lovely record!