a flat transfer experiment that actually sounds great!

cylinder and disc recordings of the acoustical era
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a flat transfer experiment that actually sounds great!

Post by rgodridge » Thu May 18, 2017 7:10 pm

Recently I've bought a cable to plug my turntable into the microphone socket of my mixer, to get a flat signal. This bypasses any modern equalisation that might be applied by the mixer, it sounds very different!
Quite frankly I don't like to actually sit and listen to it flat, however it seems to be useful when restoring, especially acoustical records.
Here is one that I recorded flat, took all the clicks and crackle off and equalised to taste. Please note that no actual noise reduction has been applied here, just click/crackle removal.
Coldstream guards band - Les Cloches de Corneville Selection (gramophone monarch0135) (1908)
http://oldgramophonerecords.co.uk/flatr ... 908%29.mp3

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