10 earlier records on youtube

cylinder and disc recordings of the acoustical era
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10 earlier records on youtube

Post by rgodridge » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:32 pm

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... XDl1ma4bUV
Here are 10 acoustical records, the aeroplane one is a very early plane song, sadly it's cracked, I'll have a go at restoring it later, we have
Billy Williams - the land where the women where the trousers (zonophone x-42922) (1909)
Ernest Pike as Herbert Payne - In my aeroplane for two (zonophone x-42730) (1907) (cracked)
Ernest Pike with whistling by Joe Belmont) - Gentle spring (zonophone x-42802) (1908)
Florrie Forde - Waltz me around again, Willie (zonophone x-43114) (1906)
Harry Fay - Has anybody here seen Kelly (columbia rena1165)
Harry Fay - I like your old French bonnet (columbia rena1165)
Orchestra Walter - Fascination (zonophone x-80548)
Orchestra Walter - Frissons de neige (Zonophone x-80549)
Royal Guards band - in the shadows (Edison bell280)
Royal Guards band - Mandaine (edison bell280)

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