a very rare ballad I've been looking for for 20 years found!

cylinder and disc recordings of the acoustical era
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a very rare ballad I've been looking for for 20 years found!

Post by rgodridge » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:07 am

This is a very rare song indeed, and I've been looking for a recording of it literally since I started collecting 78s. I knew of it as the 1880 song or when my lady came to town, as I'd heard the chorus sung but not the actual verses or anything else, so it was a very pleasant shock to finally find it in an auction lot, I was starting to think no recordings existed, again because I was looking for the wrong title!
My great grandmother knew this song vaguely. I've always been fascinated with songs about the past especially old ones, and this is definitely one of those. I know almost nothing of my great great grandmother, as nobody else seems to know much about her, but from the amount of early 1900s songs my great grandmother knew she was likely interested in music to a fair extent. Somewhere I have recordings of my great grandmother trying to remember the chorus of this song.
It's stuff like this that makes 78 collecting the wonderful hobby it is for me!

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