17 new uploads to youtube

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17 new uploads to youtube

Post by rgodridge » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:27 am

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... hLuTqNAEVT
Here's a load of recent mixed transfers to enjoy, hopefully I'll get more done today. Thanks to all those who read titles from photos! We have
Arthur Reeves - Ora pro nobis (regal G6291)
Arthur Reeves - the volunteer organist (regal G6291)
Billy Williams - I've never heard father laugh so much before (cinch5114) (1912)
Billy Williams - Take me where there are no eyes about (cinch5114) (1912)
Binnie Hale And Joseph Coyne - I want to be happy (columbia3630) (1925)
Binnie Hale And Seymour Beard - Tea for two (columbia3630) (1925)
Dale and Gale - Daybreak (piccadilly216)
Harry Fay as Frank Holding - Let's all go down the strand (homophon6971)
Harry Fay as Frank Holding - Send them along to me (homophon6970)
Henry Garat - C'est Un Mauvais Garçon (polydor5114) (1936)
Henry Garat - Imaginons (polydor5114) (1936)
Stanley Kirkby - and he'd say oo la la, we we (winner3468) (1919)
Stanley Kirkby - Oliver (winner3468) (1919)
Will Tompson - I'm lonesom (invicta record275) (1914)
Will Tompson - It's a Long Way to Tipperary (invicta record275) (1914)
ZONA VEVEY - Give me a summers evening (zonophone1959) (1919)
ZONA VEVEY - Ida from Idaho (zonophone1959) (1919)

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