just got given a collection with an interesting item

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just got given a collection with an interesting item

Post by rgodridge » Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:41 am

has anyone else ever had this happen?
I was just given a collection... the guy emailed me, said his elderly neighber had hundreds of 78s and they needed them out, quite a lot of early records, nothing too exciting yet... I have less than half of the collection, he'll bring the rest another day, but in it is an hmv box, full of emi private recordings on shelac not lacquer (they're not rare I know) but the entire box is all the same record, a piano treo, with someone's adress written on the box, all in paper sleves with inners, possibly emi sleeves I'm not sure as I'm totally blind.
I've had a lot of these, but never 20 or more of the same thing! Might sell the box if anyone wants it, to pay for the lady's care, she's 92!
If anyone wants a bunch of free records in the future and can collect from yorkshire (nothing rare) please message! I'll have to sort them out first so it might be a while,

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