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up Parent Directory 21-Jul-2017 07:54 - [SND] Adrian Shubert orch as Missouri jazz band - WHEN THE RED, RED ROBIN COMES BOB... 21-Jul-2017 07:47 3300k [SND] Adrian shubert orch as Hollywood dance orch - Life will be a bed of roses (ba... 21-Jul-2017 07:47 3488k [SND] Arthur Lange orch - Come on over (cameo599) (1924).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:48 3036k [SND] Billy James orch as Missouri jazz band - Kentucky, you're lucky (banner6124b)... 21-Jul-2017 07:48 3348k [SND] Bob Haring orch - I got along before I met you (cameo741) (1925).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:49 3416k [SND] Bob Haring orch as the Detroiters - Sally of my dreams (romeo796) (1928).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:49 3316k [SND] Carlton dance orch - Gee it's great to build a nest (madison50025B) (1930).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:50 3212k [SND] Frisco Players (v Irving Kaufman) - Happy days are here again (madison50025A)... 21-Jul-2017 07:50 3276k [SND] Gene Morgan orch - It was only a sun shower (romeo435) (1927).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:51 3184k [SND] Georgia washboard stompers - Chinatown, my chinatown (decca7005) (1934).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:51 2980k [SND] Georgia washboard stompers - Limehouse blues (decca7005) (1934).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:52 4032k [SND] Herb Wiedoeft's Cinderella Roof Orchestra - Hoodoo man (brunswick2627A) (1924... 21-Jul-2017 07:52 3568k [SND] Herb Wiedoeft's Cinderella Roof Orchestra - Oh! Peter (brunswick2627B) (1924)... 21-Jul-2017 07:53 3524k [SND] Jack Denny orch - Hangin on the garden gate (brunswick4698) (1930).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:54 3640k [SND] Jack Denny orch - a night of happyness (brunswick4698) (1930).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:53 3608k [SND] Lou Gold dance orch - Mary Lou (banner1837) (1926).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:54 3388k [SND] Paul Mills Merrymakers - I'm rolling in love (romeo796) (1928).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:55 3096k [SND] Sam Lanin And His Troubadours (v Irving Kaufman) as Missouri jazz band - Ther... 21-Jul-2017 07:55 3184k

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