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up Parent Directory 21-Jul-2017 07:44 - [SND] A J Scott (accordion) - Irish jig (white records cylinder119)(1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:29 1748k [SND] Ada Jones and quartet - my poney boy (edison blue amberol cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:30 2380k [SND] Ada Jones and Billy Murray - Silver bell (edison blue amberol1524)(1912).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:30 3028k [SND] Albert Benzler (bell solo) - the prettiest little song of all (edison8713) (1... 21-Jul-2017 07:30 1452k [SND] Albert Whelan - Miser scene from Les cloches de Corneville (sterling cylinder... 21-Jul-2017 07:30 1848k [SND] Alexander Prince (concertina) - words of love waltz (sterling cylinder1040)(1... 21-Jul-2017 07:31 1776k [SND] Alf Gibbson - I've got to get back to work (sterling cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:31 1624k [SND] Arthur Grover - Ora pro nobis (edison cylinder6846) (1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:31 1672k [SND] Billy Williams - Tickle me Timothy (edison cylinder13696)(1908).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:31 1528k [SND] British concert orch - the coster's wooing (edison cylinder13417)(1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:32 1544k [SND] british concert orch - unknown waltz.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:32 1628k [SND] british militery band - down south (edison cylinder13091)(1904).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:32 1660k [SND] duet -The Moon Hath Raised Her Lamp above (sterling cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:32 1636k [SND] British Militery Band - the Brooklyn cake walk (edison cylinder13085)(1904).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:32 1680k [SND] edison concert band - Hungarian Fantasy.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:33 1512k [SND] Edison concert band - a garden matinee (edison cylinder9458)(1907).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:33 1592k [SND] Edison light opera co - Favourite Airs from The Mikado (edison blue amberol21... 21-Jul-2017 07:33 3140k [SND] Edison militery band - Over the waves waltz (edison cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:34 1568k [SND] Edison quartet - farmyard medley.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:34 1656k [SND] Eric Farr - Queen of the earth (edison bell cylinder5258)(1903).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:34 1560k [SND] Florrie Ford - for forty years (edison bell cylinder6079)(1903).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:34 1572k [SND] Florrie Ford - My little love bird (edison cylinder13303)(1905).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:35 1604k [SND] Fred T Daniels - The best dressed girl in town (pioneer cylinder306).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:35 1980k [SND] Garde Republicaine Band - queen alexandra (pathe cylinder40128).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:35 1688k [SND] Gustavo De Bernal Resky - Di Provenza il mar (traviata) (sterling cylinder597... 21-Jul-2017 07:35 1792k [SND] Harry Bluff - Husbands (edison bell cylinder6666) (1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:35 1644k [SND] Harry Fay as Charles Denton - Save a little one for me (clarion345) (1909).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:36 1736k [SND] Harry Dearth - Big Ben (sterling cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:36 1784k [SND] Harry Fay as Fred Murry - I'll meet you one dark night (edison bell cylinder)... 21-Jul-2017 07:36 1768k [SND] Harry Fay as Fred Vernon - Choose her in the morning (edison bell cylinder201... 21-Jul-2017 07:36 1752k [SND] Harry Mcdonough - My beautiful irish maid (edison1530).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:37 1564k [SND] Harry Lauder - the bonnie wee man (pathe60291)(1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:37 1612k [SND] Imperial infantry band - Our regiment march (sterling cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:37 1776k [SND] imperial infantry band - unknown march(sterling cylinder.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:37 1792k [SND] Imperial infantry band -In Grandfather's days (sterling cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:38 1692k [SND] j j fisher - in old madrid.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:38 1564k [SND] Joe Belmonte - canary's love song (edison cylinder13943)(1909).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:38 1600k [SND] London concert orch - first selection from the geisha (edison bell brown wax ... 21-Jul-2017 07:39 3176k [SND] Lilian Bryant as Alma Jones - in the wash (edison bell london record815) (18... 21-Jul-2017 07:39 3024k [SND] London concert orch - There's a tavern in the town (edison bell cylinder10008... 21-Jul-2017 07:39 1780k [SND] London Regimental Band - Belphegor march (edison bell cylinder958)(1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:40 1620k [SND] London regimental band - Whistling rufus (edison bell cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:40 1636k [SND] Mark Sheridan - A few epitaphs (sterling cylinder975).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:41 1856k [SND] Miss Terry - she's a Lassie From Lancashire (clarion cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:41 1728k [SND] New york militery band -the druid's prayer waltz (edison cylinder13978).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:41 1540k [SND] Peter Dawson as Hector Grant - John go and put your trousers on (edison bell ... 21-Jul-2017 07:41 1752k [SND] Premier Bijou orch - Miserere (Il Trovatore) (clarion cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:42 1796k [SND] Premier concert orch - coppelia waltz (clarion cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:42 1828k [SND] Royal militery band - Micky march.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:42 1780k [SND] royal militery band - overture mirella (edison bell cylinder10186).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:42 1760k [SND] Royal militery band - Pastoral dance from the nell gwynn suite (edison bell c... 21-Jul-2017 07:42 1752k [SND] Stanley Kirkby and Albert Pearce - in the shade of the old apple tree (edison... 21-Jul-2017 07:43 1568k [SND] Stanley Kirkby as Frank Miller - Just a little rocking chair and you (edison ... 21-Jul-2017 07:43 1620k [SND] Stanley Kirkby as Frank Miller - The land where the angels are (edison bell c... 21-Jul-2017 07:43 1776k [SND] Stanley Kirkby as Frank Miller- Bombay (edison bell cylinder6780)(1906).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:44 1568k [SND] unknown possibly Alf Willis - Let's have a basin of soup (clarion cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:44 1812k [SND] Will Evans - Rates and taxes (edison bell cylinder20011)(1908).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:44 1804k [SND] Will Evans - Rates and taxes (edison bell cylinder20011)(1908)1.mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:44 1804k [SND] William Tuson (clarinet) - Estudiantina waltz (edison3608)(1902).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:44 1588k [SND] William Tuson (clarinet) - Home sweet home (edison cylinder).mp3 21-Jul-2017 07:45 1516k [SND] Wilson Hallett and Olly Oakley - my coal black lady (edison bell london recor... 21-Jul-2017 07:45 3316k

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