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[SND]Billy Cotton and his band (v Alan Breeze) - La Cucaracha (regal zonophone mr1...2017-07-21 03:18 2324k
[SND]Billy Cotton and his band (v Chips Chippendall) - Two hearts on a tree (regal...2017-07-21 03:18 2620k
[SND]CLAUDE THORNHILL orch - CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO (columbia36472) (1941).mp32017-07-21 03:19 2892k
[SND]CLAUDE THORNHILL orch - This love is mine (columbia36472) (1941).mp32017-07-21 03:19 3088k
[SND]Dolly Dawn and her dawn patrol - Sing a song of nonsense (regal zonophone mr2...2017-07-21 03:20 2456k
[SND]Frank Braidwood as Buddy Prince (with his Seven Jewels) - I'm In Seventh Heav...2017-07-21 03:20 2432k
[SND]Gaiety dance band - Baby's wooden soldiers (edison bell winner4822) (1928).mp32017-07-21 03:20 2820k
[SND]Gaiety dance band - Eastern dreams (edison bell winner4822) (1928).mp32017-07-21 03:21 2952k
[SND]Gene Austin - Maybe it's the moon (decca f2686) (1932).mp32017-07-21 03:21 2480k
[SND]Gene Austin - Who am I (decca f2686) (1932).mp32017-07-21 03:22 2680k
[SND]George Scott Wood (v Sam Costa) as Wally Bishop and his band - Howdy, cloudy ...2017-07-21 03:22 2596k
[SND]George Scott Wood (v Sam Costa) as Wally Bishop and his band - I'm good for n...2017-07-21 03:23 3140k
[SND]George Scott Wood Moonlight revellers - Eeny Meeny Miney Mo (regal zonophone ...2017-07-21 03:23 2852k
[SND]George Scott Wood Moonlight revellers - I'm shooting high (regal zonophone mr...2017-07-21 03:24 2996k
[SND]Hal Kemp orch - An apple a day (LIBERTY MUSIC SHOPS7775) (1936).mp32017-07-21 03:24 2780k
[SND]Hal Kemp orch - Something has happened to me (LIBERTY MUSIC SHOPS7775) (1936)...2017-07-21 03:24 2820k
[SND]Ray Noble orch (v Al Bowlly and Anona Winn) - Please don't mention it (hmv b6...2017-07-21 03:25 2968k
[SND]Ray Noble orch (v Al Bowlly) - Pagan moon (hmv b6219) (1932).mp32017-07-21 03:25 2880k
[SND]Roy Fox orch (v Peggy Dell) as Ray Brown and his band - I cover the waterfron...2017-07-21 03:26 2932k
[SND]Roy Fox orch - Marilou (hmv bd5014) (1936).mp32017-07-21 03:26 3240k
[SND]Roy Fox orch - Rhythm in my nursery rhymes (hmv bd5014) (1936).mp32017-07-21 03:27 2900k
[SND]Roy Fox orch - When my dream boat comes home (hmv BD5196) (1938).mp32017-07-21 03:26 1656k
[SND]Roy Fox orch as Ray Brown and his band - I raised my hat (mayfair g354) (1933...2017-07-21 03:27 2680k
[SND]Tempo King and his kings of tempo - Papa Treetop Tall (regal zonophone mr2269...2017-07-21 03:27 2572k
[SND]Vincent Lopez orch as Fifth Avenue Dance Band - Lonely Troubadour (piccadilly...2017-07-21 03:28 2708k
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