Here are the latest records to be added to the database. These are also up on my youtube page. Most recent first.

Here are a couple of british dance band records from 1930, very different though! More of this sort of thing coming up. Here’s a great one!

Ray Noble and the new mayfair dance orch play "High society blues" in 1930

Here’s one of the selection type records that were so popular in their day, performed very well!

Campbell Connelly's seaside hits of 1930, played by the rhythm maniacs

click to hear the Carnival dance band play "valencia on guardsman

click to hear them play "the two of us" a nice foxtrot.

click to hear "June night" played by Fred Waring's Pencilvanians in 1924.

click to listen to Henry Hall and the bbc dance orchestra playing "in town tonight"

click here to hear the BBC dance orchestra directed Henry Hall playing "It's time to say goodnight" which was his closing tune on the BBC.

click to hear Herbert Payne, Peter Dawson, Stanley Kirkby and William Stewart - Take this letter to my mother (zonophone x44079) (8050)

click to hear "Angelina" a two step played by the Black Diamonds band as the Home Guards band in 1910.

click to hear them play "I've got rings on my fingers" another two step.

click to hear a great early dance band record, "Africa" played by Jack Shilkret.

click to hear a lovely record, "beloved, it is morn" sung by John Harrison, a sadly warn copy toward the end

click to hear George Olsen and his music play "everything I have is yours" from 1933.

click to hear them do a very odd, oriental themed tune called "sing a little low-down tune" I realy enjoyed this one.

Here is the only record I own by Louis Bradfield, a famous actor of his time.

click to read about him on wikipedia.

click to hear Louis Bradfield sing "this little girl and that" from the little michus.

click to hear the novelty jazz band play "Bimini bay" from about 1921.

click to hear the regal dance orchestra play "eldorado" another great early 20s foxtrot from the same record.

click to hear Premier Harmonists (Olly Oakley, Jack Charman and poss Lionel Rothery) - They'll never know me in old Dahomey (popular p1072) (2951)

click Premier Harmonists (Olly Oakley, Jack Charman and poss Lionel Rothery) - Upon my honour Lulu I'm coming back to Honolulu (popular p1072) (2949)

click to hear the great tennor Richard Crooks sing "Love's old sweet song" in 1935.

click to hear him sing "Mother Machree"

click to hear the great Richard Tauber sing "a brown bird singing" his records are common but here's why!

click to hear him singing "I love the moon"

Taurino Parvis (Baritone) (Turin 1879 - Barcelona 1957) doesn't seem to have very many recordings out there, though it looks as though he made quite a number. Here's a link to an artical on him on the forgotten opera singers blog, which is fantastic by the way!

click to read it.

click to hear him singing "marechiare" by Tosti, a record I was very pleased to get in a trade recently!

click for a classic novelty dance band record, Victor Arden, Phil Ohman and their orch - Kiddy capers (hmv b5551) (1928)

click to listen to "rag doll" the other side to that record.

The Elliotts made many recordings for the winner label in the mid teens into the mid 20s, they were actually Harry Cove and Will Thompson.

click to hear them singing "beautiful Ohio"

click to listen to their recording of "in a quaint old Normandy town"

Here is a fantastic and very early record by Leslie Hutchinson, otherwise known at the time as "hutch". Before he was the popular singer he later became he was a stride pianist, and this really shows here! I think these are from 1929.

click to hear "button up your overcoat"

click to hear "I want to be bad"

Here is a very early british jazz record from 1921 of the Southern Rag-a-jazz band. Read about them

click here

click to hear "Coal black mammy"


click to hear "crooning" from the same record.

Many more ragtime records will be added to the site, but I transfered this one today and wanted to share it. I think this is from around 1912, very spirited renditions on a british winner record! Update: I got the artist names muddled somehow, and it turns out that this is quite a rare record of two black americans in Europe, I never clamed to know everything, or very much really.

click to listen to Walter Dixon and Norris Smith do "On the Mississippi"


click to hear them do "that Dixie rag" which I think the better of the two sides.