Here is a selection from my collection of wax cylinder records. These have been recorded using an electrical reproducer on a normal edison phonograph.

click to listen to "smile smile smile" sung by Ada Jones and Billy Murray in 1908.

click to hear he never even said goodbye, sung by Ada Jones in 1907.

click to listen to the prettiest little song of all, played on the bells by long time Edison favorite Albert Benzler in 1904.

click to hear Sammy, a tipical song of the era sung by Albert Pearce, and if you listen carefully rite after the announcement you can hear the conducter tapping his feet to count the time!

click to hear the great Alexander Prince play Impudence Schottische on the concertina.

click to hear him play "words of love" a nice waltz.

click to hear I've got to get back to work, a music hall song sung by the norther comedian Alf Gibbson.

click to hear the classic victorian ballad Ora pro nobis, sung by Arthur Grover.

click to hear Arthur Osmond sing a parody on little brown jug, sadly quite distorted so someone definitely loved it back in the day!

click to hear mr Osmond sing "prisoner at the bar" another music hall song, this time on quite a late 2 minute cylinder.

click to hear the music hall comedian Ben Albert sing "a chapter of incidents" with a great line about suffragettes!

click to hear Billy Williams sing "Has anyone seen my poodle dog" with a rather out of place line about his local mp!

and to hear him sing one of his most famous songs, "John, go and put your trousers on"

click to hear mr Williams again, singing a funny parody on "walking home with angeline".

click Billy Williams again, singing the rather political song "poor old England" sadly distorted but still historically interesting.

click to hear Billy Williams sing "tickle me Timothy" one of his famous songs.

click to hear a really nice version of "down south", played by the British Militery Band in 1904.

click to hear the British Militery Band play a great early ragtime tune, "the Brooklyn cake walk" in 1904.

click Byron G Harlan, a deservedly popular singer on Edison, sings a typical sentimental song called "there never was a girl like you" in 1908.

click to hear the popular song "Yip! I addy I aye" sung by Charles Harrington on a 1910 Edison Bell cylinder.

click to hear Corinne Morgan and Frank C Stanley sing "it's a lovely day for a walk" in 1903, a sort of victorian flirting song of all things!"> the Edison Concert Band play a garden matinee in 1907, lovely little instrumental selection.

click to hear "the Teddy Bear's picknick" played by the Edison Symphony Orchestra, made about 30 years before the words I grew up with were even written!

click Eric Farr sings "queen of the earth" in 1903.

click Ernest Pike under the name of Herbert Payne sings "the little tin soldier" on a 1906 Sterling cylinder.

click Florrie Forde sings one of her earliest popular songs, "for Forty Years" on a 1903 Edison Bell cylinder.

click to hear Florrie sing "my little love bird" on a 1905 edison cylinder.

click to hear her song "Oh the indians in the strand" in I think 1911, Might have messed up the numbers somewhere!

click to hear Florrie singing a song she made famous (I think), "walking home with Angeline) in 1905. Pretty rough copy but I think it's interesting to compair with the Billy Williams parody.

click Welsh singer Godfrey James sings "two eyes of hazel" for british Edison in 1907, what are they saying at the end?

click to hear a rare operatic Sterling cylinder. Gustavo De Bernal Resky sings Di Provenza il mar (traviata)

click to hear if I had a girl as nice as you, sung by Hamilton Hill.

click to hear Harry Bluff, one of the first recorded comedians sing "can I be of any assistance" in 1907.

click to hear mr Bluff sing Husbands, Harry Randall's famous song. Unfortunately this is cracked all the way through but is still listenable.

click to hear him sing "riding on top of the car" in 1905, a music hall classic!

click for another Harry Bluff recording from 1905, "the sadness of her sadness"

click to hear the ragtime classic "everybody's doing it" sung by Harry Cove and Jack Charman on a worn 1913 Edison Bell cylinder.

click for Harry Fay under the name Charles Denton singing Billy Williams popular song "save a little one for me"

click Harry Fay under the name Fred Murry sings another Billy Williams song, "I'll meet you one dark night""> to listen to Harry Fay as Fred Vernon singing "chose her in the morning" in 1908.

click to hear a slitely damaged copy of "the galloping major" sung by Harry Graham.

click my beautiful Irish Maid, sung by Mcdonough, typical sentimental song, well sung!

click Imperial infantry band - Old English melodies (sterling cylinder)

click Imperial infantry band - Our regiment march (sterling cylinder)

and another to hear one of the best recorded cylinders I've ever heard! Imperial infantry band - Salute to the mayor (sterling cylinder1077) (1907)

click to hear the same band play a medley called "in grandfather's days" Who can identify the tunes?

click to listen to one of my favorite songs of this era, "in old Madrid" sung by J J fisher.

click for this music hall record, Jack Charman - the chocolate major (edison cylinder14118)

click Joe Belmonte - canary's love song (edison cylinder13943)(1909)

click Len Ward (silver bell solo)- Medley of popular airs (edison bell cylinder866)(1905)

click London concert orch - There's a tavern in the town (edison bell cylinder10008) (1906)

click for London militery band - Here there and everywhere march (sterling cylinder146) (1905)

click London Regimental Band - Belphegor march (edison bell cylinder958)(1906)

click London regimental band - Marche aux flambeaux (edison bell cylinder10059)(1907)

click to hear a great version of "whistling Rufus" played by the London Regimental Band.

click Manuel Romain - When Summer Tells Autumn Good Bye (Edison Cylinder9675) (1907)

click New york militery band -the druid's prayer waltz (edison cylinder13978)

click to hear "asleep in the deep" on a clarion cylinder, sadly it skips at the start.

click to hear "blue bell" ("farewell my blue bell") sung by Peter Dawson, a classic!

click Peter Dawson as Hector Grant - John go and put your trousers on (edison bell cylinder10112)(1906)

click to hear isn't that like a man? a funny old music hall song sung by R Lloyd Morgon in 1904.

click to hear the whistling girl, sung by S H Dudley in 1903.

click to hear "goodbye my lady love" sung by Stanley Kirkby.

click to hear Mr Kirkby singing "I'll go half way home with you" in 1911.

click Stanley Kirkby - The palms (edison bell cylinder6835) (1906)

click for Stanley Kirkby and Albert Pearce - in the shade of the old apple tree (edison bell cylinder6729)(1905)

click Good night, Mr Brown, I'm out" a popular "coon song" of the day, under the name Frank Miller.