Do you have a collection of classical music on 78s or lps that you’d like to sell? Please contact me if you do!

Please note: when it comes to classical music, lovers of this type of thing often kept their records in beautiful condition. If you come across a stash of records that look like they were pressed yesterday, don’t get imediately excited, they might look brand new but it does not mean they’re worth very much money unfortunately!

Record shops often turn this music down as they don’t know what to do with it. I however, as a collector very much enjoy it! Here’s what I’m most interested in:

78s: national gramophonic society, chamber music, complete albums/sets/binders, any music by bach on 78s, L'Oiseau-Lyre records, any early music, harpsichord music, etc! If you’re not sure what you have please send a list…

lps this is more complicated!: catalog number prefixes such as lxt, alp, 33cs, 33sx, sax, sxl, asd. If you have a large collection of classical music on lps that doesn’t include many on labels like music for pleasure, classics for pleasure or reader’s digest I’m very interested! If you have many albums that say violin, piano, harpsichord, chamber, or many early music lps on labels like harmonia mundi I’d love to buy them as a job lot.

Also if you have classical music on cd or even a large digital collection I’d be interested.

Don’t be shy about contacting me here

if you don’t think I’ll be interested, I promise to at least value your records for you for free, I’d hate for good music to get thrown in the skip!

PS if the email link doesn’t work for you, my adress is

If you don’t want to sell but want to know what you’ve got, check out this great classical discography website

A personal note: when I started to really collect classical records, it took me a very long time to find out what was worth money/collectable, and especially to date records! I’ve put together a large body of information on this sort of stuff, so if you have no idea what you have, how to date it etc please do get in touch!

The big money items tend to be early stereo lps, decca sxl, columbia sax, etc. I love these but personally I really like the monos better! If you have a lot of very early stereo lps these might be worth selling on ebay. Also early cds believe it or not, this I really do not understand as by and large they sound awful and very quiet… I have no idea how to tell if you have an early cd, other than if it says west germany on the label they tend to be collectable.

Some labels I havn’t mentioned above, such as turnabout and vox, are not collectable but have great music on them. The problem is, from a collectability perspective, the recordings come from everywhere and can be either fantastic or dreadful! I was able to buy a large collection of turnabout records years ago, probably 400, and some are fantastic while others are at best middling and at worst I just couldn’t keep them due to bad sound quality.

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