listen to some classical, opera and vocal 78rpm records.Listen to some assorted classical, vocal and operatic 78rpm gramophone records from before the 1920s.

Here is a small (it will grow) collection of classical, opera and vocal recordings that I particularly like or find interesting. These are unrestored versions, and in some cases my restorations can be readily found on youtube.

First are a few recordings by the tennor Browning Mummery, unusual name I know! His wikipedia can be read here

Here are two recordings he made with the bass Foster Richardson. Richardson seemed to record a lot, but I can find very little information on this quite formidable bass.

This one comes from the bohemian girl

Listen to Comrade, your hand

and this great duet from Maritana

Listen to "I am the king of #Spane

Here is a record of Mummery with a chorus of Sydney Coltham, Leonard Hubbard and Foster Richardson, doing two songs from the tales of Hoffmann

Listen to "Legend of Kleinsach"

Listen to "When love is but tender"

Here is a really great recording of him singing ""On with the motley"" (from Pagliacci)

and here he is doing ""Your tiny hand is frozen"" (from La Boheme)

Here are two recordings from the 1918 set of Edward German’s Merry England

This was recorded complete with the composer conducting, however at this time this is the only disc I have of the set.

Ernest Pike sings "two merry men a drinking"

and John Harrison sings "the English rose"

Here are several wonderful recordings of popular songs by the great Hubert Eisdell, who is one of my favorite singers with his lovely, understated tennor voice. You can read about him here.

He was very popular at the time and made a lot of records. I still have rather a lot of them that I have not recorded yet, but if you have more of them in any form what so ever please contact me!

This first recording is one of at least 2 that I know of him singing Liza Lehmann's most popular song ah, moon of my delight. He made one of them with her at the piano which I also have, however Here is the 1921 columbia recording.

Here he is singing ""Any place is heaven if you are near""

Here is the lovely "Galway by the sea"

Here’s another of his ballad recordings, ""If I might come to you""

Here’s an interesting one to me anyway! A full vocal rendition of ""In a monastery garden""

British composer Harold Craxton seems to have been long forgotten, but Mavis is a lovely song and in my mind instantly memorable. Here is a biography.

And Here is Hubert Eisdell singing ""Mavis""

Here is what seems to have been Eisdell’s best selling record, with good reason too! ""Roses of Picardy""

Here he is singing ""Somewhere a voice is calling""

Returning to Pagliacci, here is a recording of the great Alma Gluck singing Che volo d'angelli, an aria I hadn't heard before.

I have always liked the voice of american singer Evan Williams, ever since I discovered him on single sided hmvs about 5 years ago. Here are two discs, both early hmv bd series reissues of earlier titles, matrix information can be found on the mp3 files themselves.

""Face to face""

""My pretty Jane""

""Sorrows of death""

""the palms"" I think everyone had a go at this one!