Hi and welcome to my web site! My name is Rob Godridge, I am a collector of old gramophone records and the music on them.

I started to become interested in this music via the pop music of the 1950s on my grandparents old records, then as time went on I got interested in older and older music.

I am totally blind and live in Yorkshire, England, the blindness might tell you why this site looks a bit basic!

In my collection I currently have around 12 thousand records. I am most interested in early (pre 1920) recordings, jazz/dance bands and otherwise unavailable music. I also have several hundred wax cylinder records.

My reasons for setting this site up are simple, to show this music to more people instead of the awful pop music currently in the charts (I'm 26 and not even the 90s were this bad!) and to enable me to buy, sell or trade more records.

I strongly believe that as much of this music as possible be preserved and stay available to whoever wants to hear it, and that records are not for looking at they're for playing and listening to!

When I'm not recording records to upload to

my youtube page


the listening room of this site

I play them on a 1927 hmv 109 gramophone, those from before the 1940s that is!

If you have any old records that you don't want,

email me: Send Mail please let me know about them!

My services:

If you have inherited records, or have records that are valuable to you, I can record them for you, put them onto cd and send them back. You can choose to have either the recordings with the record's hiss and crackle, or for me to remove it. I will even send you both if you want!

You could have them burned onto cd or sent as mp3 files. If you'd like you can also have the wav files, these are the uncompressed versions.

If you know of a recording that you've wanted to hear or own for a long time from the 78 rpm era that you can't find, I might just have it, it's worth asking!

Also if you know of a kind of recording that you like, for example if you like the dance bands of the 1920s or the swing bands of the 30s, I can make cds or send files of recordings you might enjoy.

I will be making up cd compilations to sell on this site soon, please let me know if you have any ideas!