In around august of 2014 I was fortunate enough to buy at auction a collection of very early 7 inch zonophone and gramophone and typewriter records from about 1905 or so. Just for fun, here is that collection.

click to listen to we all walked into the shop, sung by Alf Gordon, a fun music hall song

click to listen to give my regards to Leicester square, sung by Bert Newton, a music hall classic!

click to hear ernest shand sing nobody knows, nobody cares, a funny music hall song.

click to listen to a very warn record of the great Florrie Forde singing My wife won't let me, otherwise known as waiting at the church.

click to hear Geo Atkinson sing Cokes me, tipical comic song of the time.

click to hear Geo Atkinson again sing Hello, little girl. More of the same but still good fun!

click to hear make a fuss over me, George not Geo Atkinson this time!

click to hear short stories, sung by George Atkinson

click to hear la bleu danube on a french zonophone!

click to listen to my favorite out of the bunch, bungalo in borneo sung by Stanley Kirkby as Walter Miller

click to hear I see you've got your old brown hat on, sung by Stanley Kirkby again

click to hear manueto march played by the zonophone concert band