Welcome to my web site! My name's Rob and I am a collector of old 78rpm gramophone records, the shellac records made between the 1890s and the 1950s. Based in Yorkshire, England, I set up this site in order to spread the music of the 78rpm era as much as I can in conjunction with my youtube page and blogs. If you have any 78rpm records, classical music lps or cds, or cylinders to sell or trade, I'd love to hear from you!

I also offer a very cheap record to cd service, £1 per track or free if I can keep the disc!

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If you want to find out about the value of your old 78rpm gramophone records or your collection of classical music, please read this page and tell me how helpful it was!

Also, if you are looking to sell any wax edison or other makes of old wax phonograph cylinders, please sell your old wax phonograph cylinders in the uk to me and read about which are most collectable!

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NEW! a few jazz and swing 78s I've recently restored, this will grow when I have the time...

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